testtools moved to Github

Posted on Wed 13 February 2013 in misc • Tagged with testtools

Those who closely follow testtools development will notice something unusual in the 0.9.28 release: we now host the code on Github rather than on Launchpad.

There are a few reasons behind the switch, but the biggest one is that the ecosystem of tools and services around Git & Github …

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testtools 0.9.13 released

Posted on Mon 06 February 2012 in misc • Tagged with testtools

It has been a while, but testtools 0.9.13 is finally out! Lots more matchers and bug fixes, as well as improved error reporting. Full release notes on Launchpad.

Thanks to James Westby, Graham Binns, Francesco Banconi and Robert Collins for making this release possible.

testtools 0.9.11 released

Posted on Sun 12 June 2011 in misc • Tagged with testtools

While I slept, Robert Collins released testtools 0.9.11. This release is mostly a bug fix release, but the fixes are very much worthwhile.

In particular, Martin [gz] got our Python 3 support going again, Gavin Panella fixed up a dodgy Matcher and fixed a bug in how we …

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testtools 0.9.10 released

Posted on Mon 11 April 2011 in misc • Tagged with testtools

There was a bug in testtools 0.9.9 that prevented it from being easy_installed. Tres Seaver has fixed this bug, and I’ve rolled out a new release: testtools 0.9.10. Sorry for the inconvenience folks.

testtools 0.9.8 released

Posted on Wed 22 December 2010 in misc • Tagged with testtools

The announcement is a few days late, but I thought that you’d like to know that testtools 0.9.8 has been released.

This is one of our biggest releases, we have fixed a lot of bugs, added experimental support for running tests inside Twisted’s reactor and added …

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testtools bug update

Posted on Fri 10 December 2010 in misc • Tagged with testtools

Hello testtools fans.

If you are wondering what all the recent bug mail was about, wonder no more, for I shall explain. Thus.

We’re using only three different levels of importance for testtools bugs: Critical, Medium and Wishlist. Critical is reserved for release blockers: regressions, test failures and other …

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