Notes on test coverage

Posted on Wed 17 October 2018 in misc • Tagged with haskell, testing, coverage, notes

These are a few quick notes to self, rather than a cogent thesis. I want to get this out while it’s still fresh, and I want to lower my own mental barrier to publishing here.

I’ve been thinking about test coverage recently, inspired by conversations that followed DRMacIver …

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Heartbeats and Sails

Posted on Sat 05 July 2008 in misc • Tagged with Testing, Hacking

Mark Shuttleworth:

What’s good enough performance? Well, I like to think in terms of “heartbeat time”. If the major operations which I have to do regularly (several times in an hour) take less than a heartbeat, then I don’t ever feel like I’m waiting. Things which happen …

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Within You Without You

Posted on Sat 05 July 2008 in misc • Tagged with Testing, Hacking, Twisted

Testing is hard, writing testing frameworks is easy. In an effort to make testing easier, big projects like Twisted, Bazaar and Zope write their own testing frameworks. That way they control both the test runner and the tests that are run. It’s actually quite convenient.

However, it’s led …

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