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What are my projects?

·1 min

Launchpad doesn’t really have any good mechanism for letting you review a list of “your” projects.

That’s partly because there are a lot of different ways that it could do it. You could be the maintainer of a project, or its driver, or its bug supervisor, or you might have commit access to its trunk branch. All of this could be direct, or through membership of a team. It’s tough.

Since it’s that time of year when I review my projects, responsibilities, goals and the like and start to figure out what I want to do next year, I want to figure out what are my projects on Launchpad.

Luckily, Launchpad has an API. I can’t use it to figure out what projects I’m the maintainer of, but I can use it to figure out what trunk branches I have commit access to.  The link has the Python code for the script.

Really, Launchpad should allow me to curate my own list of projects, with input to that list coming from all of the sources mentioned above, as well as arbitrarily selecting projects.