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Useful, unpolished Bazaar plugin

·1 min

I’ve just pushed lp:~jml/+junk/bzr-difftodo to Launchpad. It’s a Bazaar plugin that:

  • Finds the diff between your current branch and the submit branch
  • Looks in that diff for any Python comments that you’ve added or modified
  • Shows all the TODO or XXX items in Emacs “compile” format.

So the output looks something like this:

$ bzr todo
Using submit branch /home/jml/repos/someproject/trunk
XXX: JonathanLange 2009-02-23: This matches the old search algorithm that used to live in It’s not actually very good – really it should match based on substrings of the unique name and sort based on relevance.

XXX: This is using _cromulateSplonks – a private method that no longer exists.

XXX: I think that this can be moved into IAmAwesome.

Things to do: 3

The branch comes with an Emacs module bzr-todo.el. If you load this module, you can just go “M-x branch-todo” in any file in a branch and have the todo list come up in a compile buffer. Then you can just click on any item to jump straight to it.

The core code is pretty well tested, but everything around is really, really rough. It works for me.

I’d love some patches for it.