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testtools 0.9.8 released

·1 min

The announcement is a few days late, but I thought that you’d like to know that testtools 0.9.8 has been released.

This is one of our biggest releases, we have fixed a lot of bugs, added experimental support for running tests inside Twisted’s reactor and added a stack of new matchers and convenience methods. It’s well worth upgrading.

We’ve also got some good stuff in the pipeline, including a full re-working of our documentation, better error messages and still more matchers.

The “more matchers” thing is significant. More and more people are starting to use testtools because of the way our matchers let them build domain-specific assertions with rich, useful error messages. We continue to get contributions for basic matchers and for new ways of combining matchers. Also, projects like James Westby’s soupmatchers¬†show just how useful matchers can be. It makes me think that eventually matchers will become part of the normal way that people write tests in Python.

Thanks to Robert Collins, Martin [gz], Jelmer Vernooij, Michael Hudson-Doyle and James Westby for making this our best release ever.