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testtools 0.9.12 out

·2 mins

testtools 0.9.12 has just been released!

It’s a huge release, this one. We normally try to release much more frequently, but for this release I wanted to wait until all of our known unicode handling bugs were fixed. Today, Martin [gz] finished off his heroic branch to fix up assertThat, and I figured it was time to release.

In addition to all of the unicode fixes, we’ve really cleaned up the way test failures are displayed. A lot of the boilerplate around the traceback has been removed, a lot of levels of the stack are gone (although you can get them back if you want), and assertThat is way less repetitive. This all really adds up. If you’re using an old release, you want to upgrade right now. Honest.

For me, this release is the one where using matchers becomes really and properly fun. As such, all of our assertFoo methods are now implemented in terms of matchers.

Of course, we have our usual raft of fixes, helpers and new matchers too. The full changelog is on Launchpad.

In addition to Martin [gz], thanks to Christian Kampka, Robert Collins and Canonical for making this release what it is.

If you’re new to testtools, it’s basically a way to do serious, tasteful unit testing in Python.

Documentation lives at
All development takes place on Launchpad:
Join us on #python-testing on Freenode

We don’t currently have a release PPA, but we do have a daily builds PPA. The trunk is kept stable using Jenkins, so it’s fairly safe to use.