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pyflakes update

·1 min

Thanks to radix, exarkun & dash, my branch to pyflakes to warn about duplicate definitions of classes finally landed. I did the work a year ago as an outrage-powered, opportunistic fix after I saw a co-worker struggle with tests weirdly not failing (Turned out it was a huge test module and there was another class at the bottom with the same name). I’m very happy to see it landed.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, official pyflakes development is now taking place on Launchpad as part of the project. The trunk of that project now has the best version of pyflakes known to man.

pyflakes is the best static Python checker. It’s fast, and has very few false positives.

Update: A couple of people have asked me about lp:pyflakes. It’s dead. It died when the trac instance died ages ago. Don’t use it. To get pyflakes or any other divmod project, use