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Migrated to Pelican

·3 mins

A while ago, I got sick of Blogger, so I switched to Octopress.

I really could not be bothered learning how to manage Ruby virtual environments, and kept running into version issues, so I have followed glyph’s example and migrated to Pelican.

No comments yet, and still quite a few things that ought to be done. If you notice something broken or missing, please file a bug.

I’m afraid I have neither the energy nor the inclination to do a full write-up of the migration process. However, I’ll provide the following notes in case they help anyone who wants to do the same thing.

Patches required #

Make the blog #

$ pelican-quickstart
Welcome to pelican-quickstart

This script will help you create a new Pelican-based website.

Please answer the following questions so this script can generate the files
needed by Pelican.

> Where do you want to create your new web site? [.] code-blog
> What will be the title of this web site? Mere Code
> Who will be the author of this web site? Jonathan M. Lange
> What will be the default language of this web site? [en]
> Do you want to specify a URL prefix? e.g.,   (Y/n) Y
> What is your URL prefix? (see above example; no trailing slash)
> Do you want to enable article pagination? (Y/n) Y
> How many articles per page do you want? [10] 20
> Do you want to generate a Fabfile/Makefile to automate generation and publishing? (Y/n) Y
> Do you want an auto-reload & simpleHTTP script to assist with theme and site development? (Y/n) Y
> Do you want to upload your website using FTP? (y/N) n
> Do you want to upload your website using SSH? (y/N)
> Do you want to upload your website using Dropbox? (y/N)
> Do you want to upload your website using S3? (y/N)
> Do you want to upload your website using Rackspace Cloud Files? (y/N)
> Do you want to upload your website using GitHub Pages? (y/N) Y
> Is this your personal page ( (y/N) N

Extract the things #

$ pelican-import --blogger -m markdown \
  -o output-directory/ --wp-custpost --dir-page \

Transfer the things #

$ cp output-directory/* blog-directory/content/
$ rm -rf blog-directory/content/settings blog-directory/content/templates/
$ mv blog-directory/content/comments blog-directory

Tweak the blog #

Only basic tweaks. Note that the pelican_comment_system plugin is used in order to nicely render the imported blogger comments.

I had to manually tweak the theme to support the comment system.