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Off to UDS

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I can’t believe it’s already time to depart dear old London and head across the Atlantic to participate in another UDS. Although “participate in” doesn’t feel like the right verb, does it? UDS is a frantic, electric whirligig of meetings and conversations and decisions and on-the-spot calls, cool ideas and grand hopes, energy and exhaustion. “Almost drown in” would be closer. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m a little bit daunted. The last one took more out of me than I thought I had.

To make my own life easier and satisfy whatever stalkers I may have been fortunate enough to accumulate, I thought I’d post now about what sessions I’m planning on going to at UDS:



Of course, I’ll probably be going to sessions other than the ones I’ve mentioned above. Sessions about how to design applications well or how to write code for Ubuntu One always catch my eye.

However, my job is about improving developer collaboration – that’s pretty much the whole point of Launchpad. So any session about development tools, development process or interactions between different groups of people always take precedence. I’m at UDS to listen and to learn, and to contribute what little I can.