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New sexy

·1 min

My new shiny iMac 27" arrived today. It is very beautiful, although the screen is dauntingly large. When the Kanex XD thingies come out, I’ll be able to plug my XBox into it too.

It’s the first time in a long time I’ve done a fresh install of a non-Ubuntu computer though. Some things, however, remain the same.

  1. Download decent browser (Firefox or Chrome)
  2. Download IRC client (for OS X, Colloquy)
  3. Generate SSH key
  4. Upload SSH key to server, register it on Launchpad
  5. Change the default Terminal settings to light grey text on a translucent black background
  6. Get Emacs

Oh, and to forestall questions, I’m not going to dual boot right now but I plan to eventually.