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Neat Bazaar feature

·1 min

Ever find yourself working away on a branch, enjoying yourself and getting just a little carried away? Maybe you’re working on a feature and you notice and fix a bug that’s not strictly related to that feature.

If you catch yourself in time, there’s a nice little feature in Bazaar that can help with this: bzr merge --uncommitted. It will merge in the changes that you’ve made to your working tree but haven’t committed yet.


$ cd some-feature-branch... hack hack hack ... oops!$ cd ..$ bzr branch trunk bug-fix-2357$ cd bug-fix-2357$ bzr merge --uncommitted ../some-feature-branch$ bzr ci -m "Fix up bug 2357. Found this while working on some-feature."$ bzr send

Don’t know what bzr send does? Trust me, you want to find out.