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Maverick notes

·1 min

I recently upgraded to Maverick beta. Here are my thoughts and observations:

  • Despite the huge number of PPAs and unofficial debs I had on my system, the upgrade itself was very smooth
  • Everything looks much crisper, probably due to the two updates to the Light themes
  • Python 2.5 was removed. I work on software that still supports Python 2.4, so that’s a pain
  • The keyboard indicator is nicer (I can read it), but it says “USA” when I want it to say “Dvorak”
  • The booting process is still flashes between screen resolutions, switches to black then back again
  • I still have to rmmod iwlagn; modprobe iwlagn sometimes
  • “Print to file” from Chrome produced a single blank page of PDF
  • I don’t know how I feel about the Me & Message menus

I guess lots of these are bugs. They are, after all, easier to notice.