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Launchpad extensions

·1 min

Launchpad has a pretty awesome public API, implemented using lazr.restful. I’ve written a few small scripts for it, and the Launchpad team has a few scripts that they use internally for doing admin tasks.

The Ubuntu Platform team does a heap of stuff with the Launchpad API. James Westby has been using it to make sure that there’s a branch on Launchpad for every single package in Ubuntu.

There’s all this great work, but there’s been nothing to tie the room together. I’ve seen hardly any discussion about how to write Launchpad API applications, or how to test them, or how to get launchpadlib working in GTK+. I haven’t even seen much code sharing.

So, borrowing a trick from Twisted’s tx super-project, I’ve created an ‘lpx’ project group on Launchpad. Bring it your scripts, your applications, your huddled masses. If you want to know more about the API, look at the API help page.

Thanks to Mark for reminding me that this is important.