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Launchpad and UDS-N

·1 min

Yesterday I got back from the Ubuntu Developer Summit where hundreds of people got together to plan the next release of Ubuntu, the “Natty Narwhal”.

For Natty, the Ubuntu Platform team have five foci:

  1. Unity
  2. 2D Experience
  3. Software Center
  4. Testing
  5. Community contributions

If you have a problem with these, talk to the hand.

We on the Launchpad team want to do everything we can to help Ubuntu achieve these goals.  Partly, this will be by continuing to make Launchpad a joy to use.  However we’ll probably be able to offer some specific help with the last three foci: Software Center; testing and community contributions.

I don’t know of any concrete actions yet – I’ve yet to trawl through the many blueprints to find them – but for the next few months, I’m hoping that Launchpad developers will be watching for opportunities to help make Natty the best release ever.