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Larval prototype for Launchpad dashboards

·1 min

I mentioned a while ago that I really want to see something like a dashboard in Launchpad, some kind of view that shows you everything that you must do, everything that you are waiting on from others and all of your current work-in-progress. Launchpad could do this really well, since it has rich, inter-linked data about what’s going on and since it can show you this information for all of your projects.

Today, I knocked up a very quick-and-dirty prototype for this. It shows all of the work-in-progress for a person across all of Launchpad, grouped by project.

The code lives at lp:~jml/+junk/whip and you can see examples of my work-in-progress and jelmer’s work-in-progress online. You should be able to make your own with ‘./bin/whip $LP-NAME > wip.html’. Note that there’ll be some PYTHONPATH shenanigans.

Hackers, I’d love to see if you could turn this prototype into a web-app, or even a page on Launchpad. There’s a NOTES file in there with whatever ideas I’ve had.

Designers, there’s got to be a better way of showing this data than what I’ve picked. Take a look at the examples and see what you can turn them into.