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It's a Gibbon

·1 min

Over the weekend I upgraded my laptop to Ubuntu 7.10 aka “The Gutsy Gibbon”.

Obvious improvements include having Pidgin installed and a much superior version of Deskbar. There’s also a swanky new panel to actually control display settings (dual monitor and all that jazz). Unfortunately, I can’t quite get it to work just yet. My 22" 1680x1058 LCD will just have to sit there, gathering dust :(

In another weirdness, all of my fonts are suddenly much, much bigger. I had to resize everything down to 8 or 9 to make them sane.

My pretty Emacs has also stopped working, but that’s to be expected. It’s a third-party package that hasn’t yet been built for Gutsy.

Other than that, seems to be a fairly routine upgrade. Is there anything exciting that I’ve missed?