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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Twisted

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A couple of months ago, all of the Launchpad developers met in London to have an Epic. Some of us wrote technical papers which we presented at the conference.

My paper was an introduction to Twisted, co-written with Michael Hudson and aimed specifically at the Launchpad developers, who are often wary of Twisted’s magical powers and raw animal charisma. The paper got published in a neat booklet (thanks Matt!), and the talk went fairly well. Since the paper is actually a fairly generic introduction, I thought it might be worth in the Stuff and Nonsense section.

It assumes that you know how to write Python code, that you know roughly what an event loop is, and that you are comfortable with network programming in general. When you are finished, you should know enough about Twisted to start investigating how you can use it to solve your specific problems.

It doesn’t cover Failures or returning Deferreds from callbacks or errbacks, which is a fairly serious gap. If you think the paper is good and you’d like to see these gaps filled, email me, or comment on this post. Otherwise, let me know what you think!