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Cool Launchpad/Bazaar hack

·1 min

If you push a lot of Bazaar branches to Launchpad, you might want to add something like this to your .bazaar/locations.conf:

[/home/jml/Code]public_branch = lp:~jmlpublic_branch:policy = appendpathpush_location = lp:~jmlpush_location:policy = appendpath

Once it’s there, ‘bzr push’ will Just Work… as long as you want it to do something like:

jml@rhino:~$ cd ~/Code/pyunit3k/trunkjml@rhino:~/Code/pyunit3k/trunk$ bzr pushUsing saved location: lp:~jml/pyunit3k/trunkNo new revisions to push.

So if I’ve got a branch in ~/Code/<project-name>/<branch-name>, it’ll be published at<project-name>/<branch-name>. This is only a default, of course: you can override it for a given branch by doing:

bzr push --remember <new_location>

Or you can override it for a bunch of branches by hacking locations.conf.

Neat huh?