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Colon full of cookie

·1 min

Launchpad does translations. You can register a project on Launchpad and use Launchpad to translate your software into a zillion other languages. We’ve even got funky tools to take the translations that people do on the web and commit them straight to your branch.

As an ignorant Anglophonic monoglot, I’ve never really looked into Launchpad Translations. Software is already written in my language, and I can’t help translate it into my language. There has been no reason for me to look at it… until today.

Barry Warsaw, hacker extraordinaire, has started a project called I have a colon full of cookie. This project aims to translate the phrase “I have a colon full of cookie” into as many languages as possible. Note here that “colon” is the organ, not the punctuation mark.

OK, time to bust out my Latin lexicon.