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Active reviews, again

·1 min

You might remember I was really excited about the first version of the active reviews page, since it let me see at a glance the code reviews I needed to do, the ones I was waiting on, and reviews I could do if I felt like it. At the time, this was really important, since it’s the first time I’ve seen a code collaboration tool orient itself towards me actually doing things. It’s certainly a first for Launchpad.

Tim has recently landed a few changes to the page that aren’t quite as revolutionary, but follow the same lines of thinking.

The one I want to mention is putting all the branches that are approved for landing onto the active reviews page. Every branch that’s approved to land and hasn’t yet landed is actually waste, it’s an improvement that’s sitting around gathering dust and waiting for someone to push a button. It’s like a winning lottery ticket stuck to your fridge because you’re too lazy to cash it in. We think it’s so important that we’ve put these at the top of the list.

You can take a look at the active reviews pages for:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have branches to land.