testtools 0.9.14 released

Posted on Thu 16 February 2012 in misc

testtools‘s sister project, subunit, was using a private API that we deleted in the 0.9.13 release.  This release restores that API in order to smooth out the upgrade path.

If you don’t use subunit, then this release won’t matter very much to you.

testtools 0.9.13 released

Posted on Mon 06 February 2012 in misc • Tagged with testtools

It has been a while, but testtools 0.9.13 is finally out! Lots more matchers and bug fixes, as well as improved error reporting. Full release notes on Launchpad.

Thanks to James Westby, Graham Binns, Francesco Banconi and Robert Collins for making this release possible.

Simple made easy

Posted on Wed 01 February 2012 in misc

Rich Hickey did a great talk at Strange Loop called “Simple Made Easy“. You should watch it.

When I tried to explain the talk to someone, I stumbled a lot and it was obvious to me that I didn’t really understand it. So I’m going through it again …

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Undistract me

Posted on Mon 23 January 2012 in misc

Here’s a thing that happens a lot to me: I’m doing some work, and as part of that work I need to run a command in my terminal that takes a little while. I run the command, look at it for about a second and then switch to …

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What are my projects?

Posted on Mon 26 December 2011 in misc

Launchpad doesn’t really have any good mechanism for letting you review a list of “your” projects.

That’s partly because there are a lot of different ways that it could do it. You could be the maintainer of a project, or its driver, or its bug supervisor, or you …

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pyflakes update

Posted on Mon 21 November 2011 in misc

Thanks to radix, exarkun & dash, my branch to pyflakes to warn about duplicate definitions of classes finally landed. I did the work a year ago as an outrage-powered, opportunistic fix after I saw a co-worker struggle with tests weirdly not failing (Turned out it was a huge test module and …

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Automatic packaging update

Posted on Thu 10 November 2011 in misc

I just blogged on developer.ubuntu.com about the work we’re doing with automatic packaging. Read it!

How to feel better (or, some tips on refactoring)

Posted on Fri 04 November 2011 in misc

A few months back I gave a lightning talk at the Launchpad Thunderdome about how I do refactoring.  It’s very opinionated, and mostly applies to big, old code bases, but worth writing up anyway.

The core idea here is that very few things make me feel as good as …

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testtools 0.9.12 out

Posted on Wed 14 September 2011 in misc

testtools 0.9.12 has just been released!

It’s a huge release, this one. We normally try to release much more frequently, but for this release I wanted to wait until all of our known unicode handling bugs were fixed. Today, Martin [gz] finished off his heroic branch to …

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doctest really isn’t very good

Posted on Fri 09 September 2011 in misc

I just got sick of trying to decode obtuse doctest diff errors when using NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE and ELLIPSIS options. Although doctest gives you hooks to do something about this, it’s really hard to actually write the logic.

See, NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE also normalizes line breaks, and ‘…’ can match across multiple lines. That …

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Progress on auto packaging

Posted on Tue 23 August 2011 in misc

Instead of a junk branch, the auto packaging code now has a proper home on Launchpad. I’ve filed bugs for all of the things that I could think of that were wrong with it. Actually, that’s a lie. When I spot something wrong in code or behaviour I …

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How dependency guessing works

Posted on Thu 18 August 2011 in misc

Although in my last post I talked about our proof of concept tool, I didn’t actually explain how to use it. That’s mostly because it’s not quite ready to be used by others. There’s a good reason.

The most interesting thing that pkgme-binary does is to …

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Automagic packaging of binary apps for Ubuntu

Posted on Thu 18 August 2011 in misc

For the last few weeks I’ve been working on a tool to automagically package binary applications for Ubuntu. The idea is that anyone who wants to distribute a binary app on Ubuntu should be able to do so without having to learn how to package it.

I’ve used …

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launchpadlib helper

Posted on Tue 02 August 2011 in misc

I often need to muck around in a Python interpreter to figure out what I need to do with Launchpad’s API. As it is, I write out the same commands over and over.

Since repetition is a stupid boring job that we should force machines to do while they …

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Command line apps

Posted on Mon 01 August 2011 in misc

Back in the day, I used to want to use twisted.python.usage for all of my command-line apps. It’s a fairly nice API & a good way of writing code.

Since I started writing Bazaar plugins though, I’ve fallen in love with Bazaar’s command interface. [Jamu](https …

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Ubuntu on my iMac

Posted on Sun 10 July 2011 in misc

Long time readers will know of my attempts to get Ubuntu running on my iMac. Now that I’m working within the Ubuntu Engineering team at Canonical, I figured it would be a good time to try again.

Installing natively fails on 11.04 in the same way that it …

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Leaving Launchpad, going to work on Ubuntu

Posted on Mon 20 June 2011 in misc

After four and a half years of working on Launchpad, I’m moving on within Canonical, taking a position on the Ubuntu Engineering team, working to get more and better apps on Ubuntu.

I am very excited about the change, but also a little sad, since it will mean leaving …

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testtools 0.9.11 released

Posted on Sun 12 June 2011 in misc • Tagged with testtools

While I slept, Robert Collins released testtools 0.9.11. This release is mostly a bug fix release, but the fixes are very much worthwhile.

In particular, Martin [gz] got our Python 3 support going again, Gavin Panella fixed up a dodgy Matcher and fixed a bug in how we …

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testtools 0.9.10 released

Posted on Mon 11 April 2011 in misc • Tagged with testtools

There was a bug in testtools 0.9.9 that prevented it from being easy_installed. Tres Seaver has fixed this bug, and I’ve rolled out a new release: testtools 0.9.10. Sorry for the inconvenience folks.

testtools 0.9.9 released

Posted on Fri 08 April 2011 in misc

testtools 0.9.9 has been released today. For me, the twin pillars of this release have been our vast documentation improvements and the new matchers, which make it very, very easy to make meaningful assertions about complex objects. Well worth checking out.

Thanks to Christian Kampka, Robert Collins, Aaron …

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