Just found out that there’s a PPA with the latest releases of a whole bunch of Python testing goodies, including:

- [testtools]( - Extensions to unittest that make real extensions possible - [testresources]( - Safely re-use expensive resources in tests without paying massive set-up costs - [subunit]( - Manipulate, exchange and analyze test results without writing code - [testscenarios]( - Run the same tests against many different implementations
If you are running Ubuntu 9.10 or later, then `sudo add-apt-repository ppa:subunit` will add it to your apt sources.
We’re starting to grow a lot of useful, small testing tools that become even more useful when combined. I really like the “small pieces, loosely joined” approach, but sometimes that can make deployment & dependency management a colossal pain. Happily, Ubuntu, [Rob]( and [Launchpad PPAs]( to the rescue.